Profile of a Navy SEAL

SEAL stands for the Sea, Air, and Land teams of the U.S. Navy special warfare unit, and they are today's heroes.  Americans have heard of their incredible feats of taking down the Somali pirates with three precision shots, thus saving Captain Richard Phillips, and the mission that killed Osama bin Laden, which seemed like it was straight out of a Vince Flynn political thriller.  This year, there have been books published by former SEALs, and a movie, Act of Valor, is due to be released in February 2012.  The books by former SEALs share similar storylines: enduring a hard childhood, deciding to become a SEAL, the BUD training, the missions, and the toll on their personal lives.  American Thinker interviewed some of the authors and the filmmaker to get their interpretations of these real-life mavericks. Act of Valor directors Mouse McCoy and Scott Waugh collaborated with the U.S. Navy to make a film using actual Navy SEALs.  Waugh told American Thinker that...(Read Full Article)