O's Legacy: Unemployment Rate Now Meaningless

Hope and Change apparently means that the Obama administration is counting on so many Americans giving up hope that the administration can now change the entire metric for measuring unemployment.  When you analyze the most recent employment statistics, you have to conclude the strategy is working. We all know that Barack Obama's legacy will be that of a wide swath of destruction across the economy and in fact all of American life.  And one item you can add to that Obama ash heap will be the trust anyone has in any government statistics -- most notably the official unemployment rate.  And as a result, Obama may be really hanging himself with these accelerating obfuscations. For months, the administration has been monkeying with the unemployment figures to hide some of the trauma Obama has inflicted on the U.S. economy, but last week's shameful cooking of the jobs report took it to a whole new level.  To hear the government tell it, our unemployment rate plummeted...(Read Full Article)