Obama's New Nationalism More Sukarno Than Teddy Roosevelt

Barack Obama's image-makers selected Osawatomie, Kansas as the location where Obama would deliver his "make or break" redistributive "New Nationalism" speech to call up memories of the iconic Teddy Roosevelt.  One hundred and one years earlier at the same site, TR delivered the original "New Nationalism" speech to a gathering of the Grand Army of the Republic, comprising Union veterans of the Civil War.  The setting was a cynical attempt to cloak Obama's un-American redistributionist philosophies in the memory of a true American hero.  TR, after all, is one of only four American Presidents memorialized at Mount Rushmore. While it's true that TR's speech represented a sharp left turn toward an aggressive form of progressivism, numerous conservative pundits have correctly noted that the setting was nonetheless a misdirection on Obama's part.  Not only did Obama's speech set forth a far more radical redistributionist philosophy than TR ever imagined, but it also...(Read Full Article)