Obama's Mount Gushmore

Well, that didn't last.  President Obama went out to Osawatomie, Kansas, to deliver what the White House told us in hushed tones was a major address. He proclaimed it "the defining issue of our time."  It's more than that; it's the "make or break moment for the middle class and for all those struggling to make it into the middle class." He invoked Theodore Roosevelt's 1910 speech at Osawatomie.  He appealed to that example as his inspiration.  And then he went on CBS's Sixty Minutes and compared himself to Lincoln, FDR, and Lyndon Johnson.  What happened to TR?  What happened to the great Trustbuster?  No mention. Most critics are jumping on Obama, hooting at his claim to be the fourth-most consequential president in our history (and for reminding us that he's only just getting started).  Mr. Obama cited -- in a general way -- his legislative accomplishments as his basis for climbing onto his own Mount Gushmore. President Obama traces his health...(Read Full Article)