Obama's Freeloader Economy

If you want to understand the deep political philosophy underneath the Obama administration's random-walk economic policy, it is this: freeloading. When you really try to cudgel your brain in a good-faith effort to understand liberals, and try to understand the talk about "inequality" and "exploitation," that's the answer.  Springtime for freeloaders.  Summer, autumn, winter, all year round for freeloaders.  It's the new thing for getting ahead in the predator class. What, after all, is the NRLB-union gang tackle on Boeing -- the idea that opening a union-free plant in South Carolina is an unfair labor practice?  How come, all of a sudden after Boeing agrees to build the Boeing 737-MAX in union-rich Renton, Washington, everything is suddenly copacetic?  It's pretty obvious.  Keep those union jobs in Washington State or else. What about the raid on Gibson Guitar?  What about the half-billion-dollar sinkhole called Solyndra?  What about the...(Read Full Article)