Obama's Design for Defeat

"And now...the design for war," intones the inimitable voice of Leonard Graves , narrator of Victory At Sea, announcing that President Obama is in full re-election battle dress.  President-elect Obama arrived at the west front of the nation's Capitol in 2009 with few credentials, having never accomplished anything in his career except to get elected.  "And now"...he's had the better part of four years to accomplish something, anything praiseworthy, to fill in an empty resume.  "And now"...the conquest of Micronesia would be ambitious. "And now"...even a defense of the Aleutians would be out of reach. "And now"...is anyone sure whether he really wants to be president? Obama has assembled a re-election track record that only Hugo Chávez could envy.  Casually presiding over the nation's deepest economic catastrophe since the 1930s.  Twenty million hopelessly unemployed.  Blithely deconstructing the nation's health care system, while bankrupting providers...(Read Full Article)