Obama's Brinksmanship on Iran

Caroline Glick just wrote in the Jerusalem Post that "Under Obama, the US is no longer Israel's ally." That is the most important headline to come out of the Middle East in my lifetime.  We are no longer Israel's ally.  It's obviously true.  Just read the news with an open mind.  You'll see it. At the same time, two Iranian military bases have just mysteriously exploded, destroying nearly 400 ballistic missiles and vaporizing the chief of Iran's missile program, one Hassan Moghadam.  Nobody knows whether it was computer malware, internal sabotage, or a stealth missile.  Chances are, however, that historians will date the start of a major military conflict with Iran from this time in history. Nobody declares official war any more.  When U.S. forces went into combat in Libya, Republicans demanded that Obama notify the U.S. Congress.  He just laughed at them.  The media said nothing.  The U.S. Constitution means nothing to his crowd. When...(Read Full Article)