Newt's Rise: It's the Persuasion, Stupid

While the entire elite insider structure of both parties in a full tizzy over the out-of -the crypt rise of Newt Gingrich -- and the national pundit class totally vexed by it -- allow me to unlock the deep dark mystery that has them all scratching their pointy little heads. It's the persuasion, stupid. Now before you slough that off as too simple and too shallow of an analysis, keep in mind how rare true persuasion is these days in politics.   And by true persuasion, I mean the ability to persuade voters to consider changing their minds to agree with the politician who is speaking.  Generally, the only persuasion we see today is the phony attempt to make voters think the politician agrees with them.  This normally happens after some shallow political hack has persuaded some soulless office seeker that this is the way to win the precious moderates and independent voters.  Too many folks running for office are merely thermometers, hiring a consultant to...(Read Full Article)