Newt: A Menace to Society?

"Two plus two is...?" he asked.  He followed up with: "If you can't afford a house?" The answer is obvious, said the former speaker of the House: "Don't buy it."  Well said by the man who accepted $1.6 million from Freddie Mac to talk the investigative dogs of Congress into sniffing other trails. Is Newt Gingrich a menace to society?  I think so.  And I agree with much of what he's saying now.  I cheered him -- millions of us cheered him -- in 1994, when he led Republicans to their first majority in Congress in forty years.  I applauded him when he boasted that the first law the new majority would pass was a law applying all the laws of Congress to Congress. About time, I said.  I little knew that Newt would immediately set about violating the law of Congress on sexual harassment.  That law says that if you conduct an affair with an Agriculture Committee staffer, you are violating the law.  That's because all...(Read Full Article)