Mitt Romney: Tea Party When Tea Party Wasn't Cool

"Mitt awesome." You could hear the screams from around the room.  In the conservative and evangelical circles in which I travel, that pronouncement has the same effect as professing a hidden fantasy to enter into same-sex marriage with Harry Reid.  Bonkers, stark-raving bonkers!  And yet, after spending the last two weeks digging deep, looking at Mitt Romney without Conventional Wisdom filters, it's become evident that Mitt was Tea Party when Tea Party wasn't cool. The stereotypical portrait of Mitt Romney by the elites -- from elite media to elite evangelicals -- is simply wrongheaded.  And who would know better than an evangelical who maintained that we "don't need no stinking moderates" like Romney?  Or so I said -- and was in part wrong.  True that we, in the Age of Obama, "don't need no stinking moderates."  But Mitt Romney is not moderate.  Both his talk and walk are located squarely in the conservative middle, his spine...(Read Full Article)