Liberal History from Osawatomie Bam

It is still a couple of months until Groundhog Day, but in Kansas, Osawatomie Bam recently popped up to take a look at the economic weather.  Folks say that if he sees his shadow, it means another two years of economic headwinds. But the Bamster didn't look for his shadow.  He just gave the assembled students a professorial lesson in "liberal history."  You know what I mean: heroic liberal activists pass liberal social programs saving working stiffs (or more recently, women and minorities) from a fate worse than death.  Here's Professor Obama with today's Moment in Liberal History: At the turn of the last century, when a nation of farmers was transitioning to become the world's industrial giant, we had to decide: Would we settle for a country where most of the new railroads and factories were being controlled by a few giant monopolies that kept prices high and wages low? Mr. President: are we talking about Standard Oil, which cut illuminating oil from $0.80 to...(Read Full Article)