Jackie Gingrich Cushman on Her Dad

With the holidays approaching, families gather to share their love, support, and traditions.  American Thinker interviewed one of Newt Gingrich's daughters, conservative columnist Jackie Gingrich Cushman, about her dad.  She was honest, forthright, and in admiration of her famous father, who is currently running for president. What three adjectives describe Jackie's father?  Jackie answered that he is persistent, cheerful, and tenacious.  "Persistent" applied especially after Newt lost the election for Congress in 1974 -- the next day, he started preparing for a run in 1976 and lost again, but he eventually won in 1978. Jackie commented to American Thinker that the lesson she learned from Newt was that "[h]e did not just give up.  Everybody fails.  He has always told me if you fail, you need to get up very rapidly and learn what happened.  You need to move forward to incorporate that learning in whatever you are doing." Regarding "cheerful,"...(Read Full Article)