Iraq War A Great Success

The US withdrawal from Iraq has stimulated the smarmy Left to bash George Bush once again, and in the process denigrate the achievements of our fighting forces and diplomatic infrastructure. While commercial television has created filmed homecomings on a regular basis -- whether or not directly related to Iraq -- National Public Radio, the New York Times, the Washington Post and their television clones have drifted back into angst over the plight of the wounded and dead.  Our troop losses are compared to the Iraqi dead during the 9-year conflict, disingenuously intimating they died due to American intervention. And the cost of the conflict is on the front burner in 2011 due to the economic catastrophe that crashed down on the country in 2008. Between these extremes there is a paucity of factual coverage that settles the account with history. Be assured the hand-wringing version will prevail. Students ten years on will be taught the war-mongering George W. Bush flung the country...(Read Full Article)