How to Break a Camel's Back

Desirable as defeating President Obama is, the calamity awaiting America just a few paces further along its current path makes mere electoral victory inadequate.  It is necessary that such victory be coupled with a greater triumph over an opponent more intractable than any mere Democrat - namely, the tide of anti-individualist morality, which has gradually swept the flotsam of entitlement, hyper-regulation, and disregard for the rights of others onto America's shores. The problem is that the gradual nature of this tide has created its own dilemma, which is how to persuade people that another step in the wrong direction will take them to the point of no return, rather than being just "one more inconvenience."  In my view, there is one issue -- health care -- which might, if presented in the right way, serve as the moral tide-changer.  What is required, however, is that the issue be fought not as a difference of opinion about how to achieve shared goals, or as a...(Read Full Article)