Hezb'allah: Rise of a Non-State Spying Machine

Recent reports that have trickled out of Lebanon have been somewhat alarming for those trying to infiltrate what the U.S. State Department calls "the most technically capable terrorist group in the world." Over the last fortnight, the Iran-backed Hezb'allah movement has dealt a severe blow to both Israeli and American covert spying networks in Lebanon, which are designed to furnish them with vital security information about the militant group in a time when the region is passing through a very tense phase. Although the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon, in line with official protocol, has denied accusations that Hezb'allah has indeed managed to unravel a huge network of CIA spies, it's now being conceded by experts and American officials alike that the militant group has managed to capture about a dozen agents in a sophisticated sting operation. Ever since June this year, when the movement publicly announced that it had arrested two of its own members for spying on the CIA's behalf,...(Read Full Article)