Gingrich and Romney on Jihad

The two frontrunners in the battle for the GOP nomination take different approaches to countering worldwide jihad. Newt Gingrich is a savvy intellectual whose expertise in American history and politics is remarkable, and whose skills in academic debates are well-recognized.  But the speaker's narrative on the jihadi threat is a classical one, certainly ahead of the current White House and of the previous one as well.  Gingrich uses "radical Islam" and Islam-related terms unashamedly.  He continues the literature of Bush's speechwriters, who produced great lines on the War on Terror but failed to touch reality -- thus crumbled the good intentions of the past president. Governor Romney doesn't spend his speeches on Byzantine quarrels over theological verses or the sex of the angels.  Scholars in theology can afford that intellectual pleasure, not a contender for the presidency of the United States.  Real experts in Islamic theology would prefer policymakers to...(Read Full Article)