Forgiving Newt

Newt Gingrich is a failure.  A flawed, failed, weak human being.  But then again, isn't everyone?  When we are finally called to meet our Maker, there isn't one human being who has ever lived who can lay claim to perfection.  Well, there is One. But that's not Newt.  He's true-blue human frailty to the core.  And everyone knows it.  Newt's "baggage" has been dissected, discussed, debated, and droned about on network news and cable shows since before he announced his candidacy.  His supporters respond with glowing praise of his agile intellect, debating performance, innovative ideas, and knowledge of the Washington power structure. But for some Republicans and conservatives, Newt is definitely not their guy.  They could never vote for him, no matter how smart he is.  No matter if he could defeat Obama in a landslide or put America back on the track to prosperity.  Not even if he could tame the tax code, modernize and shrink the...(Read Full Article)