Fast and Furious Victims' Voices Live On Through Their Families

Since the Obama administration took up residence in D.C., that world of law and order has slipped away.  No other action by higher-ups has demonstrated this near-total breakdown of checks and balances more than Operation Fast and Furious. Our representatives on Capitol Hill are so hopelessly flawed, our mainstream journalists so ethically challenged, and our citizens so desensitized to corruption that a government-initiated program transferring high-powered weapons to vicious Mexican drug cartels, who would in all likelihood use them to murder innocent human beings, seems like business as usual. For months a hypnotized media has called the operation a "botched sting."  When questioned about the scandal, a majority of Americans draw a blank.  Only dedicated online alternative journalists and a few major outlets like Fox News keep on connecting the dots. This tenacious bunch is determined not to let the story die along with the victims. For them and most of us, it is the...(Read Full Article)