English Needs No Protection

Proposals to make English the official language of the United States are well-reasoned, but they would probably be counterproductive to the spread of American culture.  We should make an effort, instead, to eliminate laws that promote any language.  Standard American English (SAE), defined and codified during WWII for military purposes, has become the international communication standard in commercial, technical, diplomatic, and military fields.  It is studied worldwide -- not as a piece of American culture, but as the best tool for verbal and written communications. Making English legally the official American language would tend to verify our enemies' propaganda, reinforcing their portrayal of us as an Anglo-centric, racist society.  Denying that label after a law is passed would only bring more attention to said propaganda. Also, English and languages in general bring fresh blood into our society.  We need not fear intrusion of other cultures and languages...(Read Full Article)