Dual Threat Quarterback: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow, committed Christian, football phenomenon, and son of a woman who said "no" to abortion, must really be riling up the Demon-American community. When threatened, for lack of a better tactic liberal drones typically display a high level of hysteria, often in the form of contempt directed toward the righteous. Exhibiting unabashed, unapologetic public devotion to God, miracle QB Tim Tebow is leading the Denver Broncos on what can only be described as a supernatural winning streak. Against both the odds and naysayer predictions, Touchdown Tim is proving to be a champion quarterback who appears to be improving with each game.   In addition to his gridiron prowess, Tim's Christianity has become the source of great controversy. Recently, after complimenting Tebow's success on the football field, former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer complained that the football star should tone down the overt God stuff and stick to sports. Tebow responded by telling ESPN that backing...(Read Full Article)