Dreams From My President

While others try to divine what really goes on in the mind of Barack Obama, all I know is what he says and what he does.  Thanks to The Daily Caller, we now have one of the best summaries of Obama's philosophy ever caught on tape, uttered by the man himself, and without a teleprompter.  He wants to quash our dreams and replace them with his. For some reason, the part of this story that caught the most attention was Obama saying he "stole" the title of his book, The Audacity of Hope, from his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright (and actually listened to him).  But to me, what followed was much more important, alarming, and ultimately enlightening. First, let me provide the complete quote so you have the context.  Obama was talking about what he learned from Rev. Wright. He said, look, the easiest thing in the world to do is to feel cynical, easiest thing in the world is to find refuge in cynicism because there's so much good reason as you look around to feel dispirited....(Read Full Article)