Division By ZerO

There's a good reason in mathematics why you can't divide by zero.  The operation is undefined because it's meaningless.  "Nothingness" is infinite, really, in how small it is, and "zeroness" is just a concept anyway:  an arithmetical placeholder.  So it's illogical to ask how many "nothings" a number contains:  the answer is always indeterminate.  If you attempt it, you can show -- or at least appear to show -- anything you want.  You can "prove" the truth of the impossible, and even of the absurd.  You can easily demonstrate, for example, that 2=1.[*]  Or any other number, for that matter.  Which is precisely why such division is absurd, and not permitted. Or at least, it didn't used to be.  And abysmal lying by public officeholders should be the political equivalent of impermssible math.  But there's no such prohibition in current American politics circa 2011.  Yesterday's verboten is today's de rigeur.  Our very...(Read Full Article)