Could Hitch Be Tebowing Today?

Christopher Hitchens has passed from this brief life on earth this week.  And though I never knew him nor ever even read a single book of his, I have grieved over his passing as though he were a close friend or relative. In the Catholic Tradition, I have prayed for God's mercy and eternal life for Hitch's soul.  Why on earth should I care about Christopher Hitchens?  In fact, that I have cared quite deeply has shocked me to some degree.  Christopher Hitchens' passing really ought mean nothing to me.  Nothing whatsoever.  The worth of a single human life today has shrunken to such an infinitesimal sum that heaps of babies' fetal forms are shoved in plastic trash bags and thrown into dumpsters.  Cremated humans are carelessly dropped in landfills.  Beasts of the field get more outcries on their behalf than human babies.  Christians and Jews are being slaughtered for their faith around the world this very minute without a peep from the human...(Read Full Article)