Christmas Season, Not Holiday Season

To judge from the commercial advertising with which we have been bombarded from the end of November, we can safely conclude that "the Holiday Season" is upon us once more.  At the same time there is, once more, talk of the "the War on Christmas." All of the department stores, restaurants, public schools, malls, shopping centers, and businesses of various other sorts are decorated to the hilt, adorned with glorious signs wishing all who read them: "Happy Holidays."  Store clerks, likewise, are (usually) quick to express the same wish to customers. The decorations on display this time of year are just as beautiful as the well wishes that people, including strangers, exchange with one another.  To this judgment, only the proverbial "Scrooge" could take exception.  Still, the stone-cold truth of the matter is that the "Holiday Season" that pervades our country every year during this time isn't anything of the sort.  There is no "Holiday...(Read Full Article)