Chelsea Clinton's Baggage. No, Not Them.

Once a Clinton, always a Clinton. Sunday's New York Times featured, as the lead article in its Style section, a heartwarming profile of Chelsea Clinton.  In particular, the piece -- obviously intended to introduce the Third Clinton to Times readers and opinion-leaders everywhere -- addressed her career(s) so far and the reasons behind Chelsea's recently reported move to NBC News.  Headlined "Chelsea Clinton, Living Up to the Family Name," the piece highlighted the former First Daughter's decision to come out from the shadows of her famous parents and be her own woman. Well, not entirely her own woman.  Chelsea's Wikipedia entry, besides listing the new gig with NBC News, identifies her as a "philanthropist, working through the Clinton Global Initiative."  That would be First Father Bill's baby.  I mean, philanthropy. According to Times reporter Amy Chozick, here's what's been driving Chelsea. "She wanted to stop pretending she was not Chelsea Clinton." ...(Read Full Article)