Can Gingrich Make It to the Nomination?

Newt Gingrich is surging on the basis of his strong debate performances and his turn in the box.  But his momentum is different from some other candidates who have found themselves in this enviable position.  First, Newt is a seasoned campaigner with a long history in government.  Second, he has a strong intellect and can synthesize complex issues for the electorate.  And finally, he is not Mitt Romney. So why is the anybody-but-Mitt conservative base so enamored with Newt and so antagonistic to Romney?  Surely Newt Gingrich represents Washington insiders like no other candidate.  Certainly his cantankerous and checkered past is obvious for anyone who wishes to look at the record.  And how is it that social conservatives and others deem Mitt Romney's character a problem when Newt Gingrich has enough baggage to fill a two-hundred-pound rucksack? The answer may lie in a bifurcated Republican party.  Conservatives, including me, are fond of...(Read Full Article)