Boola Moolah

Cynically and opportunistically, New York University has announced that it will offer two courses on Occupy Wall Street.  Given the current state of higher education, and especially of liberal arts education, NYU's announcement is not surprising, though it does highlight the education industry's excesses and deficiencies. American higher education is unaffordable, oversold, and underserviced.  In many cases, the products colleges and universities deliver are substandard.  Many who purchase them at significant cost fail to receive fair value for their investments.  Government policy has encouraged negative, unsustainable institutional behavior.  The current system isn't self-regulating or self-correcting.  Accordingly, government policy must be changed to restore proportion and value to higher education. Americans generally believe that any college degree will confer excellence and prosperity on graduates.  College-educated workers are more likely to...(Read Full Article)