Becoming Zimbabwe: When Nations Regress

It is the great lie of our time that history is forever marching forward in the direction of evolutionary progress.  History oftentimes is said to repeat itself; but few people realize that on occasion it is more a matter of rewinding history rather than simply repeating it.  The importance lies in not merely the repeating of mistakes cataloged by history, but in recognizing the ability of a people to reverse the course of a nation and descend backwards into a dark and primitive past.  Self-inoculated by the presumption of permanence, our citizenry is as blind to the danger posed by "fundamental transformation" as other historic nations facing similar promised progress.   It was a chance meeting, to be introduced to the child of missionary parents whom I was told grew up in Zimbabwe.  Noting her age and faint British accent, I inquired if she was raised in Rhodesia rather than in Mugabe's Zimbabwe.  Startled, the woman informed me that she was in fact...(Read Full Article)