Barack Has a Record

Every Obama speech is fraught with lies and half-truths.  He relies on his belief in the ignorance of his audience, and that Americans are too lazy and soft to recognize his dishonesty.  When your record is abysmal, you can't tell the truth.   Obama, hasn't a clue on how to fix the economy.  Instead, without ideas, he copied Teddy Roosevelt's 100-year-old speech in Osawatomie.  With Barack Obama, it's always yesterday's answers to today's problems...and this is the man they told us was a genius.  The president maintains that the rich get richer by making everyone poorer.  Ah...bitterness and envy, the illegitimate stepchildren of hope and change.  The fix, of course, is higher taxes, but when the taxes to pay for ObamaCare go into effect in 2013 and the Bush tax cuts expire, everyone's taxes will increase -- not just the highest income brackets.  People in the top 1%, while earning 17% of the nation's income, already pay almost 40% of...(Read Full Article)