Back to Bachmann

Knute Romney is not going to win one for the Gipper. It's deja vu all over again: as in 2008, the two frontrunners are not conservatives.  The recent National Review editorial, despite reading as if it were written by a committee, was nonetheless correct.  Newt is not a conservative.  It's easy enough to count the ways, but there is one albatross that's particularly heavy and odoriferous:  his tie with Freddie Mac.   The $1.6 million is not just part of his baggage -- of which he has more than the Partridge family on tour.  "It's the economy, stupid" may be a motto for the ages, but it's going to be particularly spot-on in 2012.  This election should be a referendum on the four-year recession.  Blaming high unemployment, anemic growth, a swooning stock market and a moribund housing market on Bush,  "deregulation," and the 1% may not play with informed voters, but we're a minority and this is going to be BHO's theme song.  Let's...(Read Full Article)