Attorney General Milo Minderbinder

It is a true pity that Joseph Heller, author of Catch 22, is no longer with us.  He deserved the chance to observe his character Milo Minderbinder, come to life. Minderbinder is Heller's prototype of deceitful, arrogant authority gone so awry he undercuts the very reason for his post and its operations.  I'm talking about our own Attorney General Eric Holder under whose watch arms were shipped to Mexican drug gangs, U.S. agents laundered the cartels' drug money, and hundreds of Mexicans and one -- perhaps two -- federal agents were murdered with the illegally sold guns. Minderbinder's motive was money and he was blind to the dire consequences of his conduct to his fellow troops and country: 1st Lt. Milo Minderbinder: "What's good for M & M Enterprises will be good for the country." Holder's motivation is still less apparent -- or at least it was until he appeared this past week after a late hour document dump days before. Those documents indicate, what others had long...(Read Full Article)