Are America's Best Days Behind Us?

It takes more grit to be optimistic about the future, with all its uncertainties, than to be pessimistic.  The greatest sin of today's liberals or progressives is that they refuse to learn from the multiple failures of historic, indeed tragic, attempts to achieve Utopia through big government, whether through Nazism, fascism, communism, or European socialism.  On a smaller scale, ask anyone involved in trying to start up a new business, and you'll hear how hard it is and about the slim odds of succeeding.  There is more than enough ammunition to be a naysayer about America's future. So why not be pessimistic?  After all, the headlines have been blaring negative news about the economy for ages, and people experience the reality of that bad news every time they go to the grocery store or fill up the gas tank and find that the prices have increased again.  Little wonder that the majority of Americans (77 percent) say that the nation is on the wrong track....(Read Full Article)