America Loses If Obama Wins

President Barack Obama, speaking of the 2012 election and hoping to rekindle the vigor of his political fundraisers, said recently, "We are going to win this thing, and America is going to win as a consequence."  In order for American voters to believe Obama's claim that America will win if he wins, they must overlook the fact that the quality of life for a number of major demographic groups has worsened during Obama's term in office. Take America's children as an example -- a favorite group used by liberals for voter sympathy.  According to a report published by the National Center On Family Homelessness, the homelessness of children rose 33% from 2007 through 2010.  Were 2011 data available, the increase would have no doubt been significantly higher still, given the plethora of foreclosures during the Obama term. We now have about 1 in 45 children in America who are homeless-a staggering figure indeed.  Essentially, we have about one child in every two...(Read Full Article)