Am I No Longer Fit to Be a Conservative?

I have often thought of myself as a staunch conservative.  However, over the past five weeks I have come to realize, thanks to a solid majority of the conservative chattering class and their vitriol against Newt Gingrich, that I am, per Glenn Beck, a "closet Progressive"; per Ann Coulter, "not a real conservative"; per George Will, "a Marxist"; and per National Review, and numerous other so-called conservative publications, "unfit to represent the conservative movement." With so many people obviously smarter than I sitting in judgment, I must confess that, based on their criteria, they are right.  But who is the epitome of the movement?  In the 1980s, I was an owner of a consulting company that numbered among its clients an evil pharmaceutical company, SmithKline.  But that wasn't the worst of it.  We also had a contract with the Resolution Trust Corporation.  The RTC was a government entity set up to consolidate and liquidate the assets of nearly a...(Read Full Article)