According to the Coyote

In the early pre-dawn hours of a spring day, a small group of immigrants is gathered in northern Mexico, on the bank of the Rio Grande River.  The coyote is about to lead them across a shallow stretch of the river, into the promised land of America. The small group of Mexican villagers is sitting on the ground, wearing sombreros, arms crossed on their knees.  The coyote, who is wearing an I♥NY baseball cap, surveys the group. "Is everybody ready to cross into America?"  Most of them shout, "Yes!" "Everybody ready to find good paying work?" "Yes!" -- again in near unison. A villager named Juan sits in the middle of the crowd. He raises his hand and asks, "Excuse me, sir.  How do I know there is a job for me in America?" "What?" the coyote impatiently barks, "of course you'll find a job there." "What kind of job will that be sir?" Juan inquires. He lowers his hand and pushes his way through the crouched villagers. "Why, a job no one else wants to do, of course,"...(Read Full Article)