A Simple National Energy Independence Strategy

The United States and Canada possess enormous conventional and unconventional oil and gas reserves that could not just make NAFTA energy independent, but also fundamentally change the global balance of power in oil and global geopolitics, breaking OPEC's control and ensuring developing nations that their energy sources are secure.  All the U.S. government needs to do is two things: 1) open up these resources for development, and 2) put in a modicum of protection that will ensure that an OPEC price war does not (once again) crush North American production.  This second point will also encourage the development of non-carbon-based technologies.  Unfortunately, there are political forces in the U.S. that oppose any further development of carbon-based resources. To understand the implications of these reserves, they must be put into context, both physical and economic.  According to the CIA, the world currently has about 1.5 trillion barrels[1] of proven oil reserves,...(Read Full Article)