A Reluctant Embrace of Newton Leroy Gingrich

America's most incendiary political force is not the 99% but the 75%, that large unfading fraction of Republicans who want a candidate more conservative than Mitt Romney to run against Obama.  With less than a month to go before the first primary votes are cast in Iowa, Newt Gingrich is emerging as that candidate. Many of us who have fiercely criticized Gingrich before did so recognizing his talent but wishing he were a more dependable ideologue in the mold of Ronald Reagan, rather than the inconsistent intellectual who lectures us to distraction and often ends up alienating other conservatives.  When Gingrich described Paul Ryan's attempt to declaw our Medicare entitlement monster as "right-wing social engineering" all the poor congressman could say was "with friends like these, who needs the left."But then again we had some serious beefs with Reagan too, and wish he had eliminated the Departments of Education and Energy, refused to raise taxes after 1981 with the...(Read Full Article)