A Beatable Bishop

In 2010, the torrent of anger against statist intrusion swept away scores of Democratic incumbents.  So strong was the enthusiasm of the Tea Party, so energized was the Republican electorate, that even deeply entrenched House Democrats were dislodged.  Longtime leftist titans James Oberstar of Minnesota, Ike Skelton of Missouri, and John Spratt of South Carolina were but a few who fell.  In all, Republicans gained 63 seats in the House, six in the Senate, a majority of governorships, and 680 additional seats in state legislatures. Despite historic success nationwide, Republicans would come up short against Congressman Tim Bishop (D-NY), a liberal politician in a not-so-liberal district.  His margin of victory was razor-thin, though -- a mere 592 votes out of almost 200,000 cast.  Bishop's Houdini-esque escape act underscores the significance of a single voter's participation.  With the 2012 race on the horizon, Bishop will once again face Randy...(Read Full Article)