Why BEST Will Not Settle the Climate Debate

Global warming has re-entered public consciousness in recent days, partly because of the buzz surrounding the release of warming results from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) project.  The reaction of the "warmistas" has been jubilant, yet hilariously wrong.  Will they ever learn? They've latched on to the BEST result as their last best hope for rescuing misbegotten schemes to control emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2.  Leading the pack has been the Washington Post (Oct. 25), whose columnist tried to write off Republican presidential candidates Bachmann, Cain, and Perry as "cynical diehards," deniers, idiots, or whatever.   I sent the WP a letter pointing out obvious errors, but I got a peculiar response.  It turned out that they were willing to publish my letter, but not my credentials as emeritus professor at the University of Virginia and former director of the U.S. Weather Satellite Service.  Apparently, they were concerned that readers...(Read Full Article)