Who Are the Occupiers?

The Occupy Wall Street protesters have prided themselves on being hard to pin down.  Plainly anti-capitalist in spirit, OWS sometimes seems a dust ball of a movement, gathering into itself all sorts of stray ideas and activists in a loose conglomeration.  If you approach the movement by talking to individual participants, you encounter such a random collection of malcontents that the word "movement" itself seems overblown.  I've talked to protesters in New York who thirst for Marxist revolution, others who want student debt canceled, some intent on sustainatopian designs, and others just hanging out.  When I talked to Occupy Anchorage protesters (all three of them), one wanted to abolish the Fed, one was a clueless young man who agreed to stand in the cold and hold a sign because an older friend had asked him to, and the third was friendly but noncommittal. But, of course, Occupy really is a movement.  When I gave a talk about it at the University of...(Read Full Article)