Where Ron Paul Meets Barack Obama

They look like political opposites: Ron Paul is a traditional isolationist; Barack Obama sees himself comfortable with many cultures and religions.  But they share an odd understanding that the United States is, by nature and by history, a cause of tension in the world, and that others need reassurance that the U.S. means no harm.  Whether the subject is Iran, Iraq, 9-11, or China, President Obama would reassure by engaging and Rep. Paul by withdrawing. Both have demonstrated a willingness to leave friends to the machinations of their own adversaries and ours.  Of course, President Obama has the ability to effect the change he seeks, while Rep. Paul is just asking for the opportunity, but Israel, Japan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq have felt the chill, while China, Iran, and Russia received reassurance and "reset." They don't always agree, of course.  President Obama's announced a rotation of Marines to Australia as a statement of engagement in Asia was...(Read Full Article)