The White House Goes Dr. Strangelove

Get outtaheah, yabum!  Get a job! That used to be the standard American answer to folks like the Occu-pishers of Wall Street.  If you've ever wondered what "enfant terrible" means, check out the pics of the Progs, heroically pooping on the American flag.  This is not a one-time incident.  They keep doing the same thing. But then -- think about the U.S. soldiers who are risking their lives this very minute in the badlands  of Afghanistan.  What are they thinking?  What effect does Obama's endorsement of the Progs have on their morale?  Would you risk your life for people who hate your country and go out of their way to shout it in your face?  Now Obama and the Democrats, the media, and America-haters everywhere are riotously sharing the same bed.  This is a deliberate political choice by the top Democrats at the start of another Carter-Reagan face-off. That "99%" slogan is another up-yours! to the country.  "Ninety-nice percent"...(Read Full Article)