The White House Goes Dr. Strangelove

Get outtaheah, yabum!  Get a job!

That used to be the standard American answer to folks like the Occu-pishers of Wall Street.  If you've ever wondered what "enfant terrible" means, check out the pics of the Progs, heroically pooping on the American flag.  This is not a one-time incident.  They keep doing the same thing.

But then -- think about the U.S. soldiers who are risking their lives this very minute in the badlands  of Afghanistan.  What are they thinking?  What effect does Obama's endorsement of the Progs have on their morale?  Would you risk your life for people who hate your country and go out of their way to shout it in your face? 

Now Obama and the Democrats, the media, and America-haters everywhere are riotously sharing the same bed.  This is a deliberate political choice by the top Democrats at the start of another Carter-Reagan face-off.

That "99%" slogan is another up-yours! to the country.  "Ninety-nice percent" is what Stalin got in every fake election.  It's a totalitarian concept.

The Progs may be 99% of a deeply alienated America-hating cult, but they are more like 1% of the national vote.

This is all very carefully rehearsed, planned, and staged street theater, directed not from Central Casting, but from Rad-Left Central, following Alinsky's rule that perception is the key to power.

That's why street theater is so important to these people.  They go by a formula, and once you get it, you'll see it over and over again.  This is not a news event.  It's a Hollywood back lot, complete with actors, extras, and cameras.  Check out The Ruckus Society to see how they train and stage the big photo ops.  They destabilize in the same of revolutionary goals that history has discredited.

A hundred million people were murdered by Marxist dictators in the 20th century.  That basic truth cannot be repeated often enough.  That figure comes from left-wing historians in France.  If you thought totalitarianism would fade away after the Cold War, think again.  North Korea keeps concentration camps for 200,000 people, according to recent satellite photos.  The moral difference among Hitler, Stalin, and the Kims is zilch, zero, nada.  There are no moral distinctions among willful mass murderers.

Liberals never seem to get that elementary point.

As Paul Johnson points out in his crucial book, Intellectuals, prominent Western professors and media heroes consciously enabled mass murder all over the Nazi-Marxist world.  They still do.  That is knowing, criminal collusion in murder on an unimaginable scale.

Big-name philosophers in England and France supported both Hitler and Stalin -- a sort of serial mass murder-enabling racket.  Paul Johnson's book is an essential read.

But liberals everywhere are in denial about the new totalitarianism, which is exactly like the old totalitarianism. 

What does that tell you about the chances of the Democrats next year?

Political suicide, anybody?

And yet -- Obama keeps performing these symbolic insults to his own country.  He did his deep bows for the cameras to medieval King Abdullah and President Hu, a man who ruled Occupied Tibet with an iron fist.  Wanna Occupy something?  Go to Tibet, and see what a real Occupation looks like.

Another one of Obama's up-yours! gestures was his imitation Karl Marx speech in Berlin, starting with "Citizens of the World!" -- a cynical echo of "Workers of the World!" 

There are dozens of examples, and they keep happening.  He keeps pulling these obsessive, rageful stunts.  They all come down to a certain curse word.  Guess what that curse word might be.

Yes, that's the one.

We have the YouTube video of Obama doing that really classy gesture to Hillary Clinton in the primary debates.  It keeps happening.

Bill Clinton pulled some raw stuff, but nothing like this.  Clinton thought he was Elvis.  Women couldn't resist his magic.  He was ruthlessly manipulative.  Clinton's photo ops were staged to make him look like the heroic figure he never was.

But Clinton appealed to American values.  Obama likes to stick it to you.  He seems to gets a kick out of it.  These stunts have a gleeful quality.  They are sadistic theater.  It reminds me of Louis Farrakhan, who also presents a sadistic, rageful, sinister front to the world.

If I were an elected Democrat, I'd be digging a deep concrete bunker today, to hide in when the voters finally have their say.  With the Washington Post reporting bigger losses and Fox News rising, the next election could be another Reagan landslide.

The country is sick of this, and it wants a healer. 

Politicians usually zig and zag with careful timing, to juggle all their constituencies.  But this White House acts in a compulsive and obsessional fashion, like Doctor Strangelove's alien hand that keeps trying to strangle him.

We'll find out very soon whether Obama can control his own crazies.  So far it looks like they can't stop that self-destructive tic. 

This is simply who they are.

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