The Wall Street Occupiers as Mind Erasers

Barack Obama may not be the kind of man you and I want as president, but he's a very slick stage magician.  That's how he's made it in politics, along with scandal bombs tossed by Axelrod.  The 2008 Obama campaign was an endless series of stage tricks, epitomized by the infamous Greek styrofoam temple columns in Denver. Stage magicians work a lot by distraction.  A well-timed distraction makes people lose track of whatever they are thinking.  If I'm an in-your-face street hustler and you're beginning to get suspicious about me, all I have to do is tap your shirt and say, "Is that a van Heusen shirt?  That looks really cool!  I always wanted one of those!"  By that time, you've lost that little suspicious thought.  It's been erased from your mind by distraction. In "The Music Man," Professor Harold Hill does it over and over again.  So does Obama. The left has organized for ten years or more to do things like the Occupation of Wall...(Read Full Article)