The Wall Street Occupiers as Mind Erasers

Barack Obama may not be the kind of man you and I want as president, but he's a very slick stage magician.  That's how he's made it in politics, along with scandal bombs tossed by Axelrod.  The 2008 Obama campaign was an endless series of stage tricks, epitomized by the infamous Greek styrofoam temple columns in Denver.

Stage magicians work a lot by distraction.  A well-timed distraction makes people lose track of whatever they are thinking.  If I'm an in-your-face street hustler and you're beginning to get suspicious about me, all I have to do is tap your shirt and say, "Is that a van Heusen shirt?  That looks really cool!  I always wanted one of those!"  By that time, you've lost that little suspicious thought.  It's been erased from your mind by distraction.

In "The Music Man," Professor Harold Hill does it over and over again.  So does Obama.

The left has organized for ten years or more to do things like the Occupation of Wall Street.  Their real aim is to occupy something else: the media, and therefore the minds of Americans.  It's Occupy You!

Leftist street theater is a completely phony imitation of a genuine Civil Rights or Tea Party demonstration.  They poop on the American Flag -- but mainly for the cameras.  You and I can't stop paying attention to some trained sociopath who is trying to provoke us.  Their first goal is to get attention, like some two-year old who's discovered the power of yelling "No!"

The Communists used to do it everywhere with "spontaneous mass demonstrations."  The Occupoops use the same technique in cahoots with the media.

Our growing conservative media are the main weapon against them.  Like those vampires of Balkan legends, they can't tolerate sunshine.

We need more and more sunshine.

The Ruckus Society has been training "anarchists" for ten years. Even Wikipedia writes that [t]The Ruckus Society has been described by many reliable sources as an anarchist organization that played a major role in inciting property damage and vandalism during the Seattle WTO protests in 1999."

 A scholarly source writes:

The Ruckus Society and Anarchist Black Cross Federation even specialize in providing training in activism and varying forms of civil disobedience. There are many resources freely available to teach interested anarchists how to conduct surveillance, prepare for protests, climb and descend, build shields, and craft weapons. The legality of the proposed actions is secondary to their perceived effectiveness.

 Look at what those Occupy morons on Wall Street have achieved in just a month of ruckus-making. Those kids can't string a coherent sentence together.  They were stoned a lot of the time.  What they did was pure street theater, a publicity con, and the media loved it.

It was easy for all the mediots in Manhattan to hop a cab from Midtown to check on the slow-motion riot, write their stories, and go home early.  The "hate Capitalism" schtick got headlines -- while the Occubums were tweeting up a storm on their shiny new iPods, iPads, and iPhones, all exquisite products of capitalist creativity.

Those bums controlled the headlines for weeks and weeks.  The really frightening moms and pops of the Tea Party never got this kind of flattering attention.  They are too normal.

Ignore the Occupy chatter from these characters, which doesn't make any sense anyway.  Just look at the distraction they created.  Do you remember anything else happening during the "Occupy" news cycles?  Those "anarchists" were not Occupying anything but your mind.  That was their purpose: to Occupy our minds for 24 hours at a time.  The organizers were probably checking out their Google hits from hour to hour, and dropping another publicity bomb in the news whenever the Google traffic died down.

It worked like a charm.

While America's minds were Occupied, we were not paying attention to Iran's rush to nuclear weapons, for one little thing.  Or to the crisis of Euro-socialism now roiling the stock markets.  Or the rolling disaster of the "Arab Spring."  We were just angered by the misbehavior of the Occupuppies, pooping on our national carpet.

Distraction occupies your mind.  It's just old-fashioned stage magic.

This stunt was run by Obama, Soros, ACORN (or whatever they call themselves this week), and all the other suspects.  The Demagogue Machine publicly recognized the "grievances" of the Occu-poopsters, but their biggest grievance is having to pay more money for good Mary Jane.  Why doesn't the government give it to them free?  Marijuana is a medicine!  And who stole my new iPad?  And where did that cute hippie chick run off to now?

This was pure stagecraft, and the only question is "why?"

Why did Soros fronts pay $3.6 million to keep this farce going, day after day?  Why did the media take the bait when there was real news to cover?


I can't read really devious minds like Axelrod and the Bamster, but we know what their biggest goal: to cling to power.  It's not the roiling civil wars in Egypt, Syria, and maybe Iraq and Afghanistan.  It's not unemployment.

The left is preparing the 2012 battlefield for Obama.  That's why the Media Machine trashed the Republican candidates they fear most: against Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt, and soon, against Mitt Romney.  Just like 2008, the New York Times and the Crony Corporate Media are destroying the most attractive conservatives first, because they fear another Ronald Reagan more than anything in life.  Reagan brought down the Soviet Empire and they still hate him for that, just like the BBC still loves to hate Maggie Thatcher.

This year, conservatives are again being picked off one by one, and most people are blind to it.  (Well, maybe Herman Cain does have a woman problem.  Not even a fraction of one percent of Bill Clinton's...)

Obama is playing Chicago Dirtball and we are playing Marquess of Queensbury.

Guess who's going to have the edge in next years's hardball fight.  It's the most important election of our lifetimes -- maybe in American history, period.

Obama will pick Hillary or another woman for his veep, and then he figures he's got the women, the blacks, and the libs for close to 50%.

What about the Wall Street Rucksters?  They will be the mind-eraser for the election.  Any time Obama drops the ball, the Rucksters can kick up a fuss, and the media will kill the Obama story.

Suppose some foreign policy disaster happens -- the mullahs explode their first nuke.  Obama is vulnerable because he hasn't done one single solitary thing to stop them.  On the contrary, he's given them special consideration because they are leftist victims, you see.

As soon as Iran explodes a nuke -- Shazzam!  Presto!  Change-o! -- there will be a big distraction in the media.  It could be Hillary's announcement that she's on the ticket -- but you really want a distraction you can fire off any time you feel like it.

The Rucksters are it.  They will stage a convenient riot, burn a store in Oakland, or put on a noisy flash mob against McDonald's.

The left has so many phony grievances right now -- Michelle Obama just hates the fact that the poor eat too much food she disapproves of -- that they can just throw a dart at the grievance list and use that to swing the headlines.  People are suckers.  Liberals are even bigger suckers.  Liberals who want government help are practically lost souls.

Conservatives are handicapped by their own decency.  That is an Alinsky rule, right in the handbook.  They take advantage of our decency, and we don't want to give up our values because we would become like them.

The only way to fight them is with free speech -- what remains of it -- to expose the militant left over and over again.

Now that they have the White House, the hour is late.  This is a time of crisis and decision.  If you tell your friends nothing else, please get them to understand that.

This one will be pure citizen power against the radical left, which never plays fair.

Where do you stand?  How about your friends?  Don't waste time on the terminally brainwashed.  They don't think for themselves.  Spend time connecting with people who understand what's going on.

And then please act peacefully, democratically, and with a clear sense of purpose.

Your personal computer is the biggest free speech weapon you have.  Use it wisely, with common sense and courtesy, to reflect your real values.  We don't need to resort of leftist totalitarian methods.  We just need to tell the truth, over and over again.