The Union War on Wisconsin Governor Walker

Unleashing forces of hate, making it personal, unions roll out heavy artillery in their all-out war against their declared enemy, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Union devotees will need about 540,200 signatures on petitions in 60 days to trigger a special recall election targeting the besieged rookie governor. Meanwhile, protesters' signs hang in the Capitol rotunda, left from February protests, depicting Gov. Walker as a mustachioed Hitler, the devil himself, object of daily exercises of almost ritual union members' hatred, like an Emmanuel Goldstein in George Orwell's dystopian novel 1984.  Only the ritual hate sessions are not two minutes daily; rather, eight grueling months for unions' most faithful haters. Their unilateral battle against budget restraints is one that goes beyond the well-orchestrated boos and catcalls into loathing.  Fanned by public employee unions dead-set on rolling back Wisconsin Act 10, which limits members' collective bargaining, they...(Read Full Article)