The Stimulus: Jump Starting a Car with No Engine

Left-wing ideologues like Paul Krugman posing as economists believe that the reason why the Obama stimulus dumped upon us didn't work is because it wasn't big enough.  Krugman points to statistics that show a clear relationship between stimulus spending and corollary increases in economic activity in Europe and the U.S.  His statistics also show decreases in economic activity when spending stops.  He stops there, arrogantly believing that he pointed out an obvious truth that all should understand and approve of, and the U.S. government should, therefore, "invest" huge sums of borrowed money into the economy.  (This is not atypical short-sightedness for Krugman.  Remember his piece bloviating about how Wisconsin's unionized teachers were superior to Texas' non-union teachers?  Iowahawk destroyed Krugman's case with a little bit of research and basic logic.  For those of you who are not familiar with this fun piece of journalism, read it here.) Of...(Read Full Article)