The Second-Most Important Election This Season

With the presidential election dominating the headlines, it's easy to lose track of the other significant political contests.  And while winning various Senate seats in red and purple states and retaking the Senate majority are high on the priority list, the most important non-presidential election of this season will be the race for the House leadership. The current House leadership has faced difficult circumstances.  House Republicans control just one house of Congress and face a hostile Senate and a doggedly leftist president. Given the obstinacy on the other side of the aisle, two House bills took on more significance than any others.  The Republicans could pass conservative legislation until their voices were hoarse from saying "yea," but those votes meant little as long as the legislation needed Senate support.  The two exceptions were the annual budget and the debt ceiling increase.  On those two issues, the tables were turned; the Senate and president...(Read Full Article)