The Restoration of American Ingenuity

In a recent article from CNN, an intelligent gentleman, Douglas Rushkoff, took note that technological advancements in the production of necessities are trending toward the destruction of certain jobs, as most of what Americans need is produced by an increasingly small minority of their countrymen.  Suggesting that one of the larger problems Americans will face in coming years is not a reduction of wealth, but rather a reduction of legitimate means by which to transfer such wealth to individuals, he then states: We're living in an economy where productivity is no longer the goal, employment is. That's because, on a very fundamental level, we have pretty much everything we need. America is productive enough that it could probably shelter, feed, educate, and even provide health care for its entire population with just a fraction of us actually working. It is only natural, for those who understand the Laws of nature's God, to be disgusted with the thought of a welfare-coddled...(Read Full Article)