The Real J. Edgar Hoover

If the goal of the new movie J. Edgar was to tear down J. Edgar Hoover, the filmmakers did a good job.  The film portrayed him in an unfavorable light, not as the person once considered a hero.  It makes innuendos about his sexual orientation, his personality, and his lack of ethics as FBI director.  American Thinker interviewed former FBI agents who worked under, and closely with, J. Edgar Hoover to get their impressions of the man. Contrary to what the filmmakers are saying about the movie being historically accurate, it is obvious that rumors were used as facts.  John Fox, the FBI historian, met with the filmmakers before the movie was made because he was hoping there would be an "accurate depiction of the Bureau as so many people get their first and primary impressions of the FBI and its work through entertainment media."  Obviously, from watching the movie, they did not take notes during the meeting. Both the Society of Former Special Agents of the...(Read Full Article)